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God is a girl, she’s only a girl

Do you believe it, can you receive it? [1]


Britney Spears [2] = Shoko Asahara [3]


Eternity is past

Wrong is right

It’s the point of greatest intensity

Pleasures of the highest sense

Feelings of warmth and security

Willing and unwilling sensations of the mind

A condition

The ultimate seduction

The Realm [4]


Beliebers [5] = Rajneeshees [6]


Give me an A. Give me a P. Give me an O. Give me a C. Give me an A. Give me an L. Give me a Y. Give me a P. Give me an S. Give me an E. [7]


One Direction [8] = Heaven’s Gate [9]


You and I

You and I

Living together

Loving forever

At our distance

Another for instance

United United

You become me

And I become you

She is she

And she is you too

United United [10]




I’ve always considered movies evil; the day that cinema was invented was a black day for mankind. [11]


Star Wars [12] = The Society of the Spectacle [13]




There are 7 ways to clean hands, 7 ways to clean feet, 7 ways to clean hair, 7 ways to clean ears, 7 ways to clean teeth, 7 ways to clean tongues, 7 ways to clean eyes. [14]



Spicy sweet titanium chili

Flamin’ hot fluoride heatwave

Chilli hydroxytoluene nacho [16]


Hallelujah, hallelujah

We’re here to pull ya

Back in to do it all the same

Hallelujah, hallelujah

Not sent to save ya

Just here to spank ya n’play a game [17]


Take me uh-huh

Take me uh-huh uh-huh

Take me to the church of the KLF [18]



The selfie stick is the shepherd’s walking stick


Kim Kardashian [19] = Marina Abramovic [20]


The selfie stick is the druid’s magic wand


Eminem [21] = Chris Burden [22]


The selfie stick is the pilgrim’s staff


Casey Anderson [23] = Joseph Beuys [24]




God is a DJ

For tonight

God is a DJ

This is my church [25]


Justin Bieber [26] = Genesis P-Orridge [27]

I am excited

The house of God

The house of God

$50 or more

The house of God [28]




U aei eis aei ei o ei ei os ei. [29]


Da ba dee da ba di [30]


Ah pe-am t-as le t-am te ;pp/O ne vas ke than sa-na was-ke/lon ah ve shan too/Te wan-se ark e ta-ne voo te/lan se o-ne voo/Te on-e-wan tase va ne woo te was-se o-ne van/Me-le wan se o oar ke-le van te/shom-ber on vas sa la too lar var sa/re voo an don der on v-tar loo-cum an la voo/O be me-sum ton ton ton tol a wav – er tol-a wac-er/ton ton te s-er pane love ten poo. [31]














Go! [32]


gadji beri bimba glandridi laula lonni cadori /gadjama gramma berida bimbala glandri galassassa laulitalomini /gadji beri bin blassa glassala laula lonni cadorsu sassala bim /gadjama tuffm i zimzalla binban gligla wowolimai bin beri ban /o katalominai rhinozerossola hopsamen laulitalomini hoooo /gadjama rhinozerossola hopsamen /bluku terullala blaulala loooo. [33]


Never speak louder than God

Erase your voice

Break your mouth

Words are unclean

Your voice is a germ

Cut your tongue [34]


†een▲ge g☺d is a suicide cult

†een▲ge g☺d is a teen movie

†een▲ge g☺d is a ritual

†een▲ge g☺d is a pop band

†een▲ge g☺d is a commune

†een▲ge g☺d is a church

†een▲ge g☺d is a rave

†een▲ge g☺d is a music / multimedia / performance / art / collective

†een▲ge g☺d is

Project Director: Armando Navarro / Music, DJ & Vocal Performance: Désiré / Vocal Performance: Louise Ronk-Sengès, Max Kaario, Mei Gouspin, Thelma Cappello, Eve Bitoun, Aubin Robert, Jim Stickel, Hélène de Prekel, Sebastián Jarpa, Anatoli Vlassov, Tendre Ael / Music: Pierre Caillaud, Siegfried Jegard / Vocal performance, Visual Art & Sculpture: Amélie Paulewicz / Music & Mastering: Zach Haze / Vocal Performance, Sculpture & Video: Félix Descorde / Music, Vocal Performance & Graphic Design: Dudi Malka / Photography & Drones: Matthew Avignone (nacho ritual pictures above) / Video: Tom Lozano, Malone Perrotey, K Ying Wong, Aititeal Laetitia, Eugénie Arcos / Performance & Video: Hugo Hays / Performance & Sculpture: Hugo Laporte (selfie ritual picture above) / Performance, Sculpture & Video: Téo Lucchini Orsini / Photography: Moana Logique / Performance: Pauline Thomas, Ferdinand Martin, Daphné Praud / Flute: Julien Oblet / Music & Performance: Sergej Vutuc, Luka Minkkinen / Dance: Féli Le Naëlou / Graphic Design: Florian Pentsch

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