NB: Given that Project Anywhere is entirely dependent upon the in-kind expertise of our global community of peer reviewers—all of whom are expert artist academics facing uncertain workloads this year—we have decided to extend our 2020 Global Exhibition Program for one additional year and move our next proposal deadline to September 2021.

Project Anywhere is a global blind peer reviewed exhibition model for art at the outermost limits of location-specificity. Although descriptions and images of hosted projects are featured on this website, Project Anywhere is neither an online exhibition nor a journal. It is instead a vehicle for illuminating artistic research and projects that take place outside traditional exhibition circuits. Project Anywhere is perhaps best imagined as an exhibition comprising the entire globe in which the role of curator is replaced with a blind peer evaluation model.

All proposals submitted to Project Anywhere are comprehensively reviewed by four artist academics of international standing and all applicants receive comprehensive feedback on their proposal submission.  Project Anywhere accepts proposals from artists and researchers working anywhere in the world and is designed to suit artists seeking independent peer-validation and global dissemination for artistic research.

Project Anywhere’s evaluation criteria stress that all proposals must make a clear and compelling case for a proposed project’s capacity to contribute to knowledge in an identified field of creative practice. Accordingly, it is expected that proposals identify related artistic precedents and relevant literature. Projects can be highly speculative or discursive in nature and can extend or contradict existing methodologies.

At the cessation of Project Anywhere’s annual global exhibition program, all hosted projects are eligible to present at our biennial conference Anywhere and Elsewhere at Parsons Fine Art in New York City. This biennial conference event features presentations from artists that have successfully navigated blind peer evaluation through Project Anywhere, together with a series of invited presentations from artists, scholars, curators and writers actively engaged with art and artistic research at the outermost limits of location specificity. Following the biennial conference, all presenters are invited to contribute to our innovative biennial publication Anywhere. This publication features contributions ranging from scholarly texts to photo essays to annotated diagrams and graphic illustrations (or indeed any page-based representation of projects typically located elsewhere in space and time). Considered together, Project Anywhere, Anywhere and Elsewhere and Anywhere reveal distinctive reflective moments in the process from conception through production to dissemination in artistic research beyond traditional exhibition circuits.

Project Anywhere does not provide funding nor expect exclusivity. It also welcomes collaborative or curatorial projects or projects hosted by other institutions.

Project Anywhere is proudly supported as part of a partnership between the Centre of Visual Art (University of Melbourne) and Parsons School of Art, Media and Technology (Parsons School of Design, The New School).

Please read our “Proposal Guidelines” and “Evaluation Criteria” carefully before submitting a proposal.

The deadline for proposal submissions for our 2022 program is September 1, 2021.