Project Anywhere is a global exhibition initiative in which the role of curator is replaced with the type of peer review model typically endorsed by a refereed journal. Emphasizing art and research undertaken outside traditional exhibition contexts, Project Anywhere is dedicated to the blind peer evaluation and global dissemination of art and research undertaken at the outermost limits of location-specificity. With only a handful of projects hosted each year, selection is extremely competitive.

Project Anywhere endorses a rigorous two-stage peer review process. First, double blind evaluations of all project proposals by artist academics of international standing determines which projects will be hosted each year. A second open peer review process of project “outcomes” determines which projects are archived as “validated research” (all other hosted projects are placed in a general archive at the cessation of the hosting period).

Project Anywhere accepts proposals from artists and researchers working anywhere in the world. With only a handful of projects hosted each year, selection is very competitive. Please note that Project Anywhere does not provide funding nor expect exclusivity. Instead, Project Anywhere is designed to suit artist academics seeking independent peer-validation and international dissemination for their research. Project Anywhere also welcomes collaborative and curatorial projects or projects already hosted by other institutions seeking peer-validation.

Project Anywhere is perhaps best imagined as a hybrid of a “project space” (in which the entire planet is regarded as exhibition space), and a peer reviewed publication (promoting the work of artist/researchers). Our key points of difference are: 1. to offer an alternative to the journal-based paradigm for artist academics, and; 2. to offer a vehicle for internationally promoting artistic practice outside traditional exhibition contexts. Our funding (we receive a contribution from each of the host universities listed below) is currently limited to international promotion, staging our biennial conference, and publishing our (forthcoming) biennial publication ANYWHERE. Although we do not currently offer project support or travel funding, projects that successfully navigate our rigorous peer evaluation system are invariably better positioned to apply for other funding and exhibition opportunities.

Please read our “Proposal Guidelines” and “Evaluation Criteria” carefully before submitting a proposal.

The deadline for proposal submissions for our 2016 program is September 1, 2015.


Project Anywhere would like to extend its enormous gratitude to Parsons The New School for Design (USA), NSCAD University (Canada), Anonymous (Australia), The University of Lincoln (UK),  The University of Newcastle (Australia), The University of Melbourne (Australia), and Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand) for their consistent and ongoing support of this groundbreaking global initiative.