Project Anywhere is a global exhibition program for art at the outermost limits of location-specificity. Using a double blind peer review model instead of a curator, Project Anywhere provides artists and artistic researchers working outside traditional exhibition systems with peer-validation, community support, and global dissemination of their work. Extending upon the core exhibition program, all hosted artists are also invited to contribute to our biennial publication Anywhere at the cessation of the annual exhibition period.

Project Anywhere accepts proposals from artists and researchers working anywhere in the world, in any context. All proposals submitted to Project Anywhere are reviewed by four artist academics of international standing and all applicants receive a compilation of comprehensive feedback on their proposal submission.

Project Anywhere’s evaluation criteria stress that all proposals must make a clear and compelling case for a proposed project’s capacity to contribute to knowledge in an identified field of creative practice. Accordingly, it is expected that proposals identify related artistic precedents and relevant literature. Projects can be speculative or discursive in nature and can extend or contradict existing methodologies. It is also expected that proposed projects align with Project Anywhere’s emphasis upon art and artistic research outside traditional exhibition circuits.

Please note that Project Anywhere does not provide funding nor expect exclusivity. We also welcome collaborative and curatorial projects as well as projects hosted by other institutions.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for our, please read our “Proposal Guidelines” and “Evaluation Criteria” carefully.

The deadline for proposal submissions for our 2023 program is September 1, 2022.

Project Anywhere is proudly supported as part of a partnership between the Centre of Visual Art (University of Melbourne) and Parsons School of Art, Media and Technology (Parsons School of Design, The New School).