Conference held at Parsons School of Design, November 17-18, 2016

Conference publication:

Artists are increasingly moving beyond the white cube as a ‘prime’ viewing experience to more actively explore spaces, places and times well outside the limits of traditional exhibition circuits. Much of this artistic activity is concerned with events, actions, relationships or processes rather than the exhibition of discrete distributable objects. This two-day conference event will explore the challenge of exhibiting, viewing and evaluating art located elsewhere in space and time. How do artists overcome common assumptions that expanded and dynamic exhibition formats present barriers to value? How do we find appropriate language and evaluative criteria for discussing projects that often straddle art and other realms of knowledge? How might we more meaningfully account for art’s omnivorous ability to traverse diverse forms, spaces and places and evoke understandings potentially elusive in theoretical, scientific or philosophical propositions alone? This conference is specifically conceived as a vehicle for giving voice to artistic projects located anywhere and elsewhere in space and time.

This conference featured presentations from artists that have successfully navigated blind peer evaluation through Project Anywhere, together with a series of invited presentations from artists, curators and writers actively engaged with art and artistic research at the outmost limits of location specificity.

Presentations by: Megan Smith; David Griffin; Sreshta Rit Premnath; Franklin Collective; Re-sited; Susan R Greene; Frank J Miles; Sylvia Schwenk; EIDIA House; Tatlo; Livia Daza Paris; Radhika Subramaniam Sara Morawetz; Atif Akin; Michelle Lewis-King; Tricia Flanagan; Steve Maher; Standard Practice; Brad Buckley; Anne Gaines and Nadia Williams; Ayodamola Okunseinde and Salome Asega; Karen Frostig; Marta Jecu; Frauke Materlik; Daniel Cherrin; and Jane Philbrick.

Curated by Sean Lowry and Simone Douglas



Publication featuring contributions from presenters at our 2014 biennial conference 

Lowry, S and Douglas, S (Eds.), New York: Parsons Fine Arts, School of Art, Media and Technology, Parsons The New School for Design; Project Anywhere; and School of Creative Industries, University of Newcastle. Print and design by Conveyer Arts, ISBN 978-0-692-32297-0, 2016.

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Edited by Sean Lowry and Simone Douglas



The first of our biennial conference events was hosted by the School of Art, Media, and Technology Parsons The New School for Design in New York on November 13 and 14, 2014. Our biennial conference provides an opportunity for Project Anywhere artists and researchers to share and discuss their work together with an international audience of peers.

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Featuring (In order of appearance): Anne Gaines, Radhika Subramaniam, The Department of Biological Flow (Sean Smith & Barbara Fornssler), John Ryan, Nuclei (Fernando Do Campo, Laura Hindmarsh, Claire Krouzecky And Alex Nielsen), Honi Ryan, Erin Bosenberg, Lin + Lam (H. Lan Thao Lam), Ronit Eisenbach, Ian Strange. Arthur Ou, Leanne Zacharias, Kamau Patton, Jeff Stark, Ella Condon,  Marcus Kreiss, Daniel G. Baird, John R. Neeson, Les Joynes, Eidia House (Paul Lamarre and Melissa P. Wolf), Mira Schor,Steve Dutton, Maria Kunda, Fiona Lee, Gary Pearson, Howie Chen, Andy Weir, Irina Danilovah, Carrie Paterson, Jeanine Oleson, Anna Romanenko, Björn Kühn, Gabriel Hensche, Hans Kalliwoda & Bruce Barber.

Curated by Sean Lowry and Simone Douglas