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© Albano Guatti México 1982 Culiacán (Sinaloa).
Sinaloan peasant woman with hat and headscarves.



Computo del tiempo azteca y su correlación actual

Anahuacayotl de Tlaxcalancingo, Puebla

Arturo Meza Gutiérrez


Tonalamatl 2003

Estudios Antropológicos Ce–Acatl A. C.

We Still Call It:

Matlactli Xochitl Toxcatl Yei Acatl

Brawn steel –silex complexión

Now shift towards

Matlactli ihuan Yei Calli Toxcatl Yei Acatl

Suns filter into

the double helix of sight.

Skin tone infused melanin

reflects stardust in eyes bright.

Triangles symmetry spectrum

waning gibbous moon

Venus Jupiter: 

the earth sustains

grains sown/plowed by hand.

Brown charcoal steel

physiognomy delicate

eyes fair electric:

in sight Culiacan Sinaloa

tierras azules blue and 

ashen lands Huey Culhuacan.

Suns cut the iris –pajizos:

    Desert Sands/Ojos Floridos


Tonalpohualli Scarred Into Skin

The carbon 14 frame

into crab nebula

.:super nova tear space:.


Indio Tarasco


Lluvias en el madrigal

nueve venado o venado

azul 9 mazatl en el calen–

dario coloquial: derrame de .

flores yo.  Chicnahui Mazatl

Etzacualiztli Yei Acatl.  El Pure–

pecha fluye en estas palabras es

piritus esencia cortada de la tierra 

madre.  Dagas del sol eclipsan la re

tina.  El porte poético sangra. Suplanta

do polvo de estrellas –materia oscura en el 

brillo de piel: inédito en lo escrito abajo superflojo.


Tarascan Indian


Rains in the burrow

nine deer or blue deer

9 mazatl in the colloquial 

calendar –shower of flowers I

Chicnahui Mazatl Etzacualiztli

Yei Acatl.  The Purépecha flux

in these words spirit essence cut 

from earth mother.  Sun daggers e–

clipse the retina.  The poetic mien bleeds.

Supercede stardust –dark matter in the skin gleam:

At 12:30 noon sun

precise –now:

Matlactli ihuan yei


Yei Acatl

Calendars breathe.

DNA shards in eyes

sight –vast camera of 

deference 7th 13 cycle

Matlactli yei ilhuitl

Ce quiahuitl: that is 


In the wall paintings

iris glimmers into rain–

bows refract light

shatters into freeze

the image in the minds–

obsidian glass in

the poolside eclipse:

tonalpouhque mexica 


I got you


Nahuatl adj. verb. tezcatlipoca

tezcatli –mirror and popoca –smoke.

Memory shatters into vision: 

green obsidian stones shard eyes.

These words are cutting into you

what you can’t see –anymore.   


Ce Tecpatl Huey Tecuihuitl Yei Acatl

The steel mindset bleeds:

Tonalpouhque mexica –

calendar keepers

of the Mexicayotl.

There are levels

of perceptible reality

every breath you take

you tear the fabric

of time/space.

Black lightning

in the white sky –

these words are precise 

even as the inkwell


Then hummingbirds crash sight:

I am matlactli ihuan ce ozohmatli

atlacahualo chicome tecpatl

nexhuitzilin itzpapalotl xochi – 

pilli centeotl: chalchitlicue ixquimilli…


These words are cutting into you.

Jagged edged in –the mirrors image

serrated silex soul.

Like monarch butterflies wings

are thunder sky sun.

These finger prints are in the DNA.  

Xochimilca ca. 1519


Chicome Coatl Huey Tecuihuitl Yei Acatl

Cutting edge moon –sky

kaleidoscope sight tecpatl/

silex brawn poetry lives

extemporaneous –words mist.

Wolfs gait in the ice sheets:

eyes fair color of sundown. 


Zacatapatoli [púas del sacrificio]

[precious knife with the rattle of Xipe] Iztapaltotec


So what can be taken away?

Son los desollados –flayed one

next to the engraved staff

of the elders –pen inscribed.

The conch shell moon lights

jícara of fire and smoke.

Voices breathe in these letters

read the next line very carefully:            Matlactli ihuan ce Atl Huey Tecuilhuitl Yei Acatl

El Anima de Sayula

There’s an obsidian mirror in

the sky that when it refracts

shards into light –Nahuatl

breathes in the land Xalisco.

Here’s where Malitzin origi–

nated the cutting of the meri– 

dians: un Veracruzano sin


The ink bleeds these lost

Languages –Nahuatl is one root.

Then the shades of the terrains

concrete examples: Huey 

Culhuacan –xiuhpohualli tecpatl

[628 A.D.] 

Right now can see the topography

open veins –spark into rainbows:

el antiguo Nayar de los Wixarika.

presente its what’s in the heart

a plethora of voices shade dreams.

These thoughts spring from an im–

material well springs –Ixcateopan
remains of Cuauhtemoczin sun

[A.D. 1519]  

En mis venas corren los pensamientos

Purépecha/Otomi from the lowlands

of another time frame: Tarimoro

el lugar de sauces nuestras animas

viven por siempre…..


Ce Malinalli Tlaxochimaco Yei Acatl

An Epigraph:

Thunder Cloud’s Account of His Two Reincarnations


I (my ghost) was taken to the place where the sun sets

(the west).  There I lived with an old couple.  This place

(spirit land) is an excellent place, and the people have the

best of times.  If you desire to go anywhere, all that you

have to do is to wish yourself there and you reach it….(p. 17-18)


Winnebago Shaman in Reincarnation Beliefs of North American Indians by W. Jefferson


Orange spider suspended in ether

immaterial words emblazed DNA.

Lightning in the retinas shines

cutting into your –melanin archaic.

You have to bleed this photosynthesis.

Volcanic rocks shard into mien

//streaks of light embedded in pause\\

of thoughts –rainbows brought: Chicome Tecpatl Tlaxochimaco Yei Acatl

R carry elders













carrying the sunstone calendar is like lightning storms in the minds glare that is carried over sight you see there is no pause in the calculations are continuous rays of shard meteor showers in the retinas shine you cannot see this its borne in the sinews of the first breath: matlaclti ihuan ce ozomatli atlacahualo chicome tecpatl this means born the instant the flint/silex was shard in the blood stream of another time august 13,1521 see the temples gleam a plethora of voices in the conscious stream ixquimilli the one with the dark eyes with blinds always see everything as this paragraph is cutting into you…M

























                          Tlaxochimaco Yei Acatl

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Silex shards –into fire

as orographic winds 

sing hummingbirds 

laughter.  You have 

to breathe this –serrated

obsidian glass thoughts.

We’re are all under the 

same sky same sky light:


Rainbows Glare

So what do you have with you?

Steel thoughts:

Matlactli ihuan Yei Tecpatl Xocotl Huetzi Yei Acatl

or 13 Flint Bearing/falling of the Fruits 3 Reed.

You can breathe the poetic mien sharp as the

pen bleeding –this frost silex in the third line.


You cut through time calendars precise

down to the shard words you grasp.

Extract diamonds from the ether –immaterial.

Today’s Ce Quiahuitl Xocotl Huetzi Yei Acatl.

While the clouds cover what you see:

prisms in the iris glare –nights in the eyes light.


So how far you can you perceive?


Un deciphered

desert sands in the titles namesake: 

en estas temporadas se recuerdan a

los ancianos: in this cycle we remember.




Ceremonies for the  dead:

        Elders can see

        lightning in minds

        glare to hold sharp

        obsidian stones I.

  Bleed into the past 


  Calendars omnipresence:

Tonalpohualli shard eyes:

        In the 9thXiuhpohualli

        Mictlan flowers into our

        memories: duality in the

        place of quietude and re

        pose –how concrete poets.

      Live in other realms


        Temple staircases appear:



    DNA of ancients caught

    in the memories glare l

               light with words are a

               fixed as seconds seep

    towards solar flares in.

      Between thoughts


    peasants in the fields

    sunlight  sheathes:

    Melanin so bright shines

    earth tones scarred into

    eyes shimmer sight to

    outlast harvest of colors.

    Sinaloa te traigo en el

    corazón de obsidiana.


Chicome Miquiztli Xocotl Huetzi Yei Acatl

Skin transparent

in the poolside e–

clipse grandparents

carried over sight

suspended in ether

these thoughts:



Spirits in immaterial ether steel weight

stars collapse symmetry in memories glare.

Grandparents breathe atemporal still vibe w/

words cut –shard thoughts outlast sight.

Lightning minds I

8th full moon in the Crab Nebula Supernovae

1054 A.D. in the poolside eclipse blue

gamma rays burst in visible thoughts.


Matlactli ihuan Yei Malinalli Teotleco Yei Acatl

Google This

Yei Acatl Teotleco Yei Acatl

Décima segunda trecena Ce

Cuetzpalin here resides 


Iztlacoliuhqui as you read the 1st 

line its no longer this: flora and fauna

cuts into what you are thinking.

DNA shards thoughts into being.

Lightning strikes eyes

streak suns synapses

and dendrites outshine.

Ixquimilli you can’t google.

This poetic mien but inside

the temezcalli you have to bleed

this –the one with the dark eye w/ blinds.

You see hieroglyphs retina’s bright

hone the craft and/or borne 7 tecpatl/

flight silex cuts ideas as stars implode 

10 to the –43 seconds before galaxies electro– 

magnetism you can google this…

But you can’t see

where the poetic mien lives:

tonalpouhque mexica.

Décima tercera trecena ce ollin…


Nahui Tecpatl Tepeilhuitl Yei Acatl

El Cerro de la Bufa Gto.

But what do you get from all this?

Neuroplasticity in hummingbirds flight.

Calendars breathe in Nahuatl:

I am matlactli ihuan ce ozomatli

atlacahualo chicome tecpatl

nexhuitzilin xochipilli centeotl ixquimilli.


But what do you get from all this?

Clarity in the poolside eclipse 

where time began like green obsidian eyes

cut both ways: you carry this with you.

Blue ochre sundown as stars collapse

and/or weave words with might.


But what do you get from all this?

Yo soy de donde la vida no vale nada.


Chicoace Ocelotl Tepeilhuitl Yei Acatl

Spiders web in iris glare

praying mantis camouflaged 

into skin tone melanin.

Carry glyphs/stelea in

mind stream or see parents

semblance hummingbirds

strike lightning in memories. 

Repose in shade of eyes:


Lahak Ix Oxlahun Lamat 16 Mak G8 Hun Cib


Matlactli ihuan ome Ocelotl Quecholli Yei Acatl Ce Cozcacuauhtli Quecholli Yei Acatl

Lightning streaked melanin

golden hawk transparent peripheral vision.

Spirit helpers awake: Nexhuitzilin


Xochipilli Centeotl


gray hummingbird electricity of thoughts

smoking mirror memory shattered into words

like flowers these arts sustain.

The one with the dark eye with blinds:


Maya Long Count 12 Ajaw 8 K’ank’in G2

Matlactli ihuan Ome Atl Panquetzaliztli Yei Acatl

Words lacerate silence: nahuatl [NAHUATLACAH plural form of Nahuatl –speaking people / nombre que se dio a las naciones cultas que hablan la lengua mexi–

cana ®].  Lightning in the braids this poetic stream.  All I got is the ink to

bleed.   Like crows refract black pearls glare sheen and/or ruby throa–

ted humming birds razor sharp flight iridescent.  Ghost haunt the 

plains.  ITONAL-LI ‘one’s shadows, spirit, soul’.  Spirit helpers

are the essence one breathes: TEZCATLIPOCA ‘mirror smo–

king’ as writing this blue lightning inside the temezcalli/inipi

sweat lodge ceremony.  NEXTLI ‘ashes cinders / ceniza’ 

in the memories blare voices coalesce rainbows of flo–

wers in how thoughts bright as sunrise burns nights

stare.  TLAHUIZCALPANTECUTLI el señor de la

aurora/Venus first light of dawn breaks past the

meridians.  Shamans cross parallels ethereal 

atemporal showers of meteors in the jade 

iris glare silex shards languages.  We do 

not all see the same: نحننفعلانظر

ليستجميعهاسامي.  IN XOCHITL IN

CUICATL / flor y canto.  Flower &

song inscribed in the DNA.  In 

the poolside eclipse these 

words here written before

the cursors and screens

blurred peripheral in–

cisions’ in the vi–

sual cortex.  In 

3 more words

bring back










Chicome Itzcuintli Atemoztli Yei Acatl

El Diablo Anda Suelto en Sinaloa

The powder and the lacerations of the 

lands: Huey Culhuacan.  La hierba ma–

la/saña torrentes the poetic sheathes 

light after dark.  A people of brawn.  Ma–

lintzin/la Malinche initiated the collapse.  

We’re all cut from stars/dusts mien the 

complexion silex shards.  Invisibility of 

jade thoughts.  The pulse of the heart 

rainbows/snow caps shimmers Pleiades

sight.  Poetisas deslumbran en la portada 

–fuerte los guardianes.  On chicnahui mi– 

quiztli tititl yei acatl presides chalchiuhto–

tolin tlaloc.  Tus antepasados están res–

pirando en este parrafo.  Rain/teardrops in the temples like dreams scarred from red earth.  Brown/castaño el mirar de ancianos.  Then the consciousness bleeds lightning aftershocks in the memories glare.  Symmetry how constel– 

lations a shower of bright  scars’ edged in the blood when life’s worth a dollars toss.  Kaleido

scope caste in the iris shine.  Sinaloa te traigo en la sangre aunque nací en el bajío –en el lugar de sauces: el cerro viejo de otro tiempo.  Como es los de hueso colorado nuncamueren.

If you don’t understand this the devil has 

nothing against the natives.  You see spi–

der webs in the optical cortex I.  But what 

can you see in the dark poolside eclipse: 

Ixquimilli the one with the dark eye with 

blinds.  Quebradiza la memoria de obsidi–

ana like mother earth keeps you breathing

/I.  Then the hourglass shatters into a ple–

thora ethereal voices.  Like what your rea–

ding here: el diablo se esfuma en Sinaloa.

Check this atemporal displacement how these

  words serrated hills/quebrada escarpment in a topography of ashen green and steel.  A peo–

ple shard from  skies of blue thunder/lightning

so precise the skin tone reflects desert solar fla  –res.  Reel to reel you bleed this from the soul.  

So we’re all Bedouins’ then/now time keeps cut –ting you as sands shift.  De estas raíces buen

a mata. Fists-to-cuffs the grip there’s a prism in

                                                                        the sky that shatters into these words    might inthe jade iris bright.El             might in the jade iris bright. El Diablo desaparecido.

Lightning in the Blood                                             1




the sym

metry of I.:. 


Got you: dreams

flow cutting edge

moon.  Bear constel


-cutli/el señor de la aurora.

The trace serrate across crab

nebula super nova to the equi

-librium in the DNA & the 405 e

-lements and spirits.  Outside spa

-ce/time continuum like suns shine

inside voices shard from sunstone

calendars ebb and glow in the mind

stream.  Words cut/I bleed this slow 

-ly moments seep away and the hour

glass turn to stone/pyramid shifts acce

-lerate.  In the memories glare Uxmal 7

temples lost in space/step forward a cym

-bal engraved by Shield Jaguar in Yaxchilan. 2

eyes sheer words from another time lapse pho-

         tographic in Balamcan: there are 365 steps and

    a serpentine light down the staircase in the solstice.

Quetzalcoatl’ metamorphoses into Tezcatlipoca’ sight

                                                     or thoughts struck from the jade immaterial ether built    

                                                 on perception multisensory: its chicnahui quiahuitl tititl yei

                                              acatl or 9 rain gathering 3 reed in the Tonalpohualli carry it

                                           with in these words fractured visual resonance invisible/I or 

                                        thoughts lacerate time.  Crossover meridians of light like peach

                                      blossoms spring in winter snows.  Tlatoani Cuauhtemoczin holo

                                  -gram here inscribed that is suns crash into rainbows.  Like these/I

                                 thought experiments breathed into word –prayers: so the poetic ke

                               -eps bleeding.  In ceremony the silex–soul shard into cloud cover in 

                              the jade iris glare.  Language weaved in staleae of memories repose:

                            tijax in k’iche maya is the glyph for flint knife sharpened obsidian eyes.

                            Fire as embers splint into light how easily these monarch butterfly–sky 

                          streaked from solar flares and stardust.  As moons/suns blink of and I/

                        white dwarfs aftershock waves into meteor showers give/beam refract in

                       shaded ideas without time/lapse ideographic screens in concrete langua

                    -ge.  In the multi dimensionality of worlds/lives in these instances as stars 

                 implode gamma rays are lighting these x rays scarred from ancestral DNA/I. 

Words cut the iris.

Spirits weaved in dna shard.

Obsidian i.


chicome ozomatli itzcalli yei acatl

Hummingbirds sight electric/lightning shards skies.  Immaterial film in the ether how ancestors dreams are beyond mental pictures.  Telluric currents a gashed –just breathe:










































axtla torrent storms of jade the visual cortex.  Triangulation suns dissipate mists clouds in the retinas beams streak across lightning in the minds eyes.  I cut: chicuey miquiztli

                                                                   .:Izcalli yei acatl:.

Hecho del Machete Caido de la Sierra:

Nemontemi of the bear paw in the sinew

in the right thigh hieroglyphic at 18:43 ini

–tiates.  Nahui Tecpatl rains on the petro 

–glyphs the carbon 14 frame in the drum beat.

Speed of lighting how thoughts bleed and so it

is moons lacerate time/space or dark energy in

the DNA. Sinaloa te estoy sangrando por dentro   

                                                                            –del iris.  Magician you’re gone to the o 

                                                                            –ther side of the spirit matrix and now u

                                                                            are also weaving words too mediate this  sharp silex glass that’s cutting images in the iris. 

There are three scars on the right temple or like 

tear drops of the jaguar are transparent films. I 

shard translucent light –ocelotl’ gait in a forest 

                                                                         dawns the milky way.  Stardust in retina’s

                                                                          glare –en la sierra se vive al intemperie

                                                                           de los elementos.  Grandparent’s only 

                                                                             carried the clothes on their backs &

                                                                                    a gleam in their eyes –la perla del 

                                                                                      humaya.  As at these precise mo

                                                                                       –ments time melts into chicome

                                                                                           mazatl atlacahualo nahui tec

                                                                                              –patl spirits live immaterial. 

                                                                                               Sundown fire as pen bleeds 

                                                                                                 light aftershock.  Ometeotl

                                                                                                 –dual deity: Nahuatlbreath.

                                                                                                   It’s thus the task of the or

                                                                                                    –ganic writer to cut acros

                                                                                                       s time lapse photo gra

                                                                                                       –phic images as you 

                                                                                                          see this namesake.

                                                                                                           There are tears in  

                                                                                                             the title as delicate 

                                                                                                              hands tend the fiel

                                                                                                               ds and meld into 

                                                                                                                 the earth.  Invisi

                                                                                                                 –ble lightning in 

                                                                                                                    the minds I.  

                                                                                                                     Fewer & fewer

                                                                                                                      words matter 

                                                                                                                       like this strea

                                                                                                                        m of conscio

                                                                                                                         usness will

                                                                                                                          continue 2

                                                                                                                          reel to reel.


Carry shadows @ twilight 

                          Pawnee Skidi/Wolf clan

                              sky watchers charted

                                  plains.  Spirit–force 

                                                in the sinews.


                         Pg. 135


                                                                                                     Matlactli Ollin Tlacaxipehualiztli Nahui Tecpatl


© When Stars Came Down to the Earth: Cosmology of the Skidi Pawnee Indians of North America by Von Del Chamberlain. A Bellena Press/Center for Archeoastronomy Cooperative Publication: Ballena Press Anthropological Papers No. 26 Ed. Thomas C. Blackburn

Coyolxauhqui I 

shards Pleiades light desert

sands cemanahuatl. 


Yei Calli Tozoztontli Nahui Tecpatl

Tikal blue skies melt

into marble transparent

eyes dreams embrace you.


Matlactli ihuan ome mazatl hueytozoztli nahui tecpatl


                                   [yei ozomatli hueytozoztli nahui tecpatl]








                                                      ther time: sun

                                                      flashes of ano-

                                                    san-sun.  Tulum 

                                                 ded in ether airs/Ku–

                                               clipse: Itzamna/suspen-

                                              Serrated eyes/memory e- 

                                            light in the iris/Lakota songs. 

                                         material roads in the skies/blue

                                        can’t.  Rainstorms in the isles/im–

                                   So the poetic voice sheathes what you 

                                  tochtli feel words –you can’t see/shadows.

                               zumel.  Like suns glare in the tonalpohualli -13 

                            heart beam.  Tilt axis @ 30 degrees face north Co- 

                          feathers camouflaged into rainbows/accelerate pulse 

ch shell and the pyramid/edged in the mind stream.  Macaw

cenotes/whirlpools in the crystalline might.  Go back to the con-

shrill.  So the 1st hero twin Xbalanque @ sundown burnt skies in the 

field & the hologram bright.  Feel ghost in the bones/orographic winds

melanin darkens after rain.  What can I do was borne with this burgundy  

shapeshift nexhuitzilin –a chill in the carbon 14 frame.  DNA shards skin tone/ 

flight/waves in Iztapa Cihuatanego.  Invisible lightning how thoughts outlast time/

cortex/I cut stars collide: los abuelos cicatrizados en la venas. Spirits in hummingbirds 

So one’s bleeding this light/dark winds telluric currents you cant see.  Scars in the visual 

This will never die:




phic ima-

ges in the

DNA.  Insci-

sions in the 

pyramid glyphs:



                          in be-

                          hind u.



                          Toxcatl n

                          honor Tez- 

                          catlipoca titla-

                          cahuan which



                                                slowly fill-

                                                ing n what

                                                you see: five

                                                deer period of

                                                dry things a smo-

                                                king mirror/huauhtli






                                                                               is the 52


                                                                               alli sun cycle


                                                                                                   read n

                                                                                                   u will –

                                                                                                   know the

                                                                                                   carbon 14-

                                                                                                   frame is just

                                                                                                   a vehicle –its 

                                                                                                   what’s cutting b

                                                                                                   hind u and palm

                                                                                                   your hands and u

                                                                                                   form a mirror image:





                     Hummingbirds/quetzalhuitzilin cast shadows

                     ghost civilization(s) fire –flight these thoughts.

                     Shattered obsidian glass pouring streams clear


                     cuts sheathed sight –keliods caste into stone.

                     The skin tone tundra in the visual cortex/showers

                     sight dreams weave –still got it with me:


Macuil–xochitl Toxcatl Nahui Tecpatl 





                     Hummingbirds/quetzalhuitzilin cast shadows

                     ghost civilization(s) fire –flight these thoughts.

                     Shattered obsidian glass pouring streams clear


                     cuts sheathed sight –keliods caste into stone.

                     The skin tone tundra in the visual cortex/showers

                     sight dreams weave –still got it with me:


Macuil–xochitl Toxcatl Nahui Tecpatl 

                                                             Uixticihuatl/mujer de las salinas –you can feel the

 steel weight in these words peripheral in-cisions/I

  coded in.  So when it comes you got too be ready

   7ma trecena ce quiahuitl that is fluidity/transpan-

    rency/tenacity.  Period of tecuilhuitontli our uixti

     cihuatl/woman of the salt dunes –blue and white —

                                                                         thunder in the night skies how           calendars override/lapse in the space/time continuum.  Todays

         5 acatl tecuilhuitontli nahui tecpatl is the fluid

          ness in how ethereal entities survive hour —

           glass.  Sílex cuts what you’re thinking edged

            hieroglyphic stelae in the mental picture are

             transcribing into ocean breeze.  Energi3s in

              optical cortex streaked in between dreams.

               Weaved in the carbon –14 frame as pyra–

                                                                                  mid shift here: meld in the melanin           archic earth infused.  Peasants in the fields

                                                                      tend the harvest –eyes color of sun/stars

truck glare in the iris.  Sinaloa respira en estos triángulos –que 

                      bradiza la memoria de obsidiana.

                       Shattered green volcanic rocks in

                        the poetic mien.  Streams flowing

                         extemporaneously breathing bet–

                          wixt clandestino y desaparacido.

                           Rhyme form cuts to the essence

                            omnipresent owl feathers in the

                              full moons stare/breathe ice– 

                                                                           sickles carved into the DNA.

                                                                           Song & stories thread in the-

                                                                           se words as constellations

                                  awake in Cihuapancuica–

                                   yan ceremonies distilled:

                                     flowers Iztauhyotl bears/

                                      blooms semblance in

                                       what you see in the–

       title desert sands/re-

       tinas dusk lights you:

       so this was already

                                           written in the skies.

Immaterial realms

  engulf these even

                                              still teal words af-

                                                ter shockwaves

      crowd these col-

                                                  lateral shards of

                                                   light iris sheen:

Quicksilver in the bloodstream

like keloids in the carbon-14

frame.  Still remember the

magician say: I want to 

live –you don’t know

what that means.

Feel frost in the


Only got

the ink











-tli Huey


Nahui Tecpatl

Macuil –itzcuintli

Tlaxochimaco 4 Tecpatl


Shatterred obsidian glass

in the poolside eclipse: stealth

cooper hawk flight.  Then the 

tonalpohualli turns orographic

winds: macuilli-ehecatl Tlaxo-

chimaco nahui tecpatl.  Light-

ning in the visual cortex:


Ars Poetica


Nahui Atl Xocotl Hueztli Nahui Tecpatl


Hologram moon full

chicome tecpatl iris gleam.

Beam electricity:

El Sepulcro Blanqueado


  Thunder & lightning in the mind stream:

                                          Heyoka thunder dreamers bequeathed.

            Blue flashes of electricity in the poetic 

            mien.  Telluric currents you can’t see:

   keloids in the skin –tone shade of 

                                        sundown.  Fractured visual resonan

ce how thoughts break into light: –16 

  mystery lodge inscribed in the dna.  Im

    material waves in symmetrical camara 

      of deference shades carbon –14 frame.  

     Shine beams from within sinews and

    breathed in what you see: visual cor

  tex shifts words/symbols in depths.

Crystalline pools refract rainbows

    shaded into iris glare: how songs/

           stories bleed.  Still hold ceremonies

               clutched in memories repose tezcatli

           poca/ixquimilli how poetry breathes.

      Eclipses space/time continuum ever

present in minds reservoirs presence.

  Lightning in the Inipi/sweatlodge cere

   mony coded in Lakota lexicon/vernacu

     lar streaked into the semblance –earth 

    infused voices/ghost dancers in seers

  words retrieved from plains.  We rem 

–ember still Little Wolf & Yellow Knife:

Ahau Mitakuye Oyasin



Matlactli Ollin Tepeilhuitl Nahui Tecpatl









                                            Ometeotl tlahu

                                           isn’t mere words:

                                         See one bleeds this

                                       twin light of dawn/dusk

                                       ce cozcacuauhtli xolotl 

                                      In the 16th thirteen cycle its 

                                   meld towards other dimensions.

                                  how poets exorcise space/time to

                               sons breath its extemporaneous sight 

                             what you see –showers exactitude in sea-

                           is two wind descend of the waters four flint is 

                        c/s decima sexta trecena –xochipilli Tlaloc.  That

                       of what’s next: ome ehecatl atemoztli nahui tecpatl

                     atop pine canopy and white frost envelopes the scope

                   how thoughts are shard in air crisps blue dews deposited 

                  Nothing can be taken away .: cut diamonds thiz 

              diamonds how Nahuatl songs replenish the soil of the spirit-soul.

           plethora voices hollowed from a DNA dye cast iron-ore compressed  

       se words.  Poetics isn’t a literary art it’s what sharpens the jade souls into

     Black holes shard thoughts into a pinpoint of light how visual cortex cuts the-

   Ochre shadows in winters night: what is a singularity in an event horizon–sílex.

  decipher how time bleeds into repose as pyramids shift accelerate to this moment.  

No one is to blame: pues el poetisas es maldito –dagas de doble filo.  Masterminds to  

Transparent thoughts in the poolside eclipse that’s hard you see.  When there’s a langu

  Age –but no one to speak it too Nahuatlacah/Purepecha huchari uri picua –por nuestra

    Fuerza.  Carry over sight how languages bleed in yellow spider suspended animation      

      Adamantine steel.  It’s the child in me to breathe these images into 3 dimensions iris 

        Glare: 17th cycle guards chicome acatl tititl nahui tecpatl it’s the period of repose.

           Tlacahuexolotl it’s the fluidness transparency how these words were shard into/    

             Betwixt visual cortex.  Ixquimilli the dark eyed scribe hollowed cenotes carving 

               Tezcatlipoca –read in the periphery 1519 la noche triste pyramid glyphs bleed   

                  Within: this aint an erased camara oscura you can read behind these words

                     Isles.  Desert sands inscribed in the DNA marred ethics shard jagged flint.    

                       Tears encoded in a topography scarred with an unbalanced cross/double 

                           Helix 3 stripes on the right temple tear drops of the jaguar how silence   

                               Weighs.   Heyokah thunder dreamers breathed into thebloodstream.   

                                                 Eagle feathers breeze the melanin darkens blue lightning 

                                                 Inipi/sweatlodge ceremony –spirits awaken the memory I

                                                Jade/glass.  Slowly time engulfs stream ofconsciousness:

                                                 2 braids in the above count read’s seven reed period

                                                 Seclusion four silex.  Tarasco te está lloviendo la 

                                                 Memoria and so it’s like breathing in multiple dimensions.

                                                 Suns refract rainbows kaleidoscope casts stars.

                                                                     Lobo Xocoyotlzin there are transparencies  

                                                                     the minds I.  Windstorm’s lexicon of brawn

                                                                     –white lightning how words immaterial lace-

                                                                     rations in time.  Step back and you will see a 

                                                                     pyramid shift in the s[pace]/time continuum a

                                                                     ccelerate –when you palm your hands.      

                                                                     Organic poets cut deep in the spiritessence: 

                                                                                        desplazamiento lateral es lo que   

                                                                                        ves.  Owls refract jade screens n

                                                                                        pitch dark forest white/ochre 

                                                                                        shades of ceremonies embed 

                                                                                        ded in winters frosts.  Petroglyph

                                                                                        origins of the carbon –14fram3s: 

                                                                                        dreams serrated from orography

                                                                                                             & winds fissures/I.

                                                                                                             It’s a soliloquy that  

                                                                                                             u are reading stone

                                                                                                             words cut under-     

                                                                                                             world corridors in 

                                                                                                             Tonina.  Besides u

                                                                                                             see invisible jaguar warrior:                                                                                                             open



Chicuey Ocelotl Tititl Nahui Tecpatl

Got scars that you can’t see: Pleiades stream.  Two hawks stealth imprints in the DNA 

  shard into the carbon 14 frame.  Conch shell moon this was written in spoken word.

     Spilled towards you and it don’t mean nothin’.  Got sage medicine/red face paint

       incised in the semblance.  Just like dreams are infused in the melanin.  Light–

         ning strikes in the braids: High Eagle Skidi Pawnee we remember still stars

           constellations are guiding these meditations.  Chicnahui tochtli izcalli na–

             hui tecpatl in the last 18th cycle measured out in Xochiquetzalli/Chal–

               chuitlicue –so transposing thoughts quetzal feathers and skirted 

                   jade streams run as space narrows.  Ekphrasis flows into a: 

                      Codex written in stone –la Piedra del Sol radica en la mente.

                         White parchment edged in hieroglyphic the jade soul/flux.

                             Everything remains carved in the spirit essence/405

                               elements and ethereal entities here shard–words.

                               There are obsidian/sílex blades reaching back

                                  to other realms inside thoughts flare/fire &

                                   multidimensional deities guide/guard you.

                                      In the pulse of the heart ancestors are

                                         Streamed in the visual cortex/ixqui

                                            milli –the darken eyed scribe w/

                                              blinds deciphering back what?

                                                You see hieroglyphic stelae

                                                  Weaved in words –read in

                                                    DESERT SANDS SHIFT:

                                                     merely breathing sifting

                                                     shores streaked betwixt

                                                       aura presence –sílex                                         strikes thunder & dreams so precise whirlpools are building in thoughts of another time…

La casa del Silencio


An so it is poetry bleeds you

and its thus steel sharpens steel.


Shadows and dust:


Matlactli ihuan Ome Ozomatli Izcalli Nahui Tecpatl


Cutting edge moon red –ochre

sundown lightning tears skies these

thoughts shard we hide thunder.                                 Nahui Cipactli Izcalli Nahui Tecpatl

Archipelago of Repose


0:43 ce cipaltli atlacahualo macuil calli

regents p[reside]

matlactli yei ilhuitl ce cipatli

Tonacatecuhtli y Tonacacihuatl

Iniciativa don de mando tenacidad

Xiuhtecuhtli –nexhuitzilin el colibrí gris

So time precise in perpetual beginnings in crossroads thoughts:

shadows in the curvature of space


shift–shape fluid forms.

The above cycle initiates 1st 13th cycle of the Xuihpohualli

1–caiman what is brought by the waters 5 –house.

It’s a continuum 

time’s like an hourglass sifts & cuts you.

Jade stones and screens in the mental picture:



Nahui Cuetzpallin Atlacahualo Macuil Calli

Carryover dreams from sentient beings in 

immaterial realms and spirits scarred into

semblance: there are tears in the immater

                                                       ial ether shattered glass stardust in retina

                                           glare.  1st Xiuhpohualli Atlacahualo or 

What is Brought by the Waters streaked &

  bone marrow these letters see ancestors 

guiding me –obsidian stones spark into a 

plethora of lightning  embers flare prayer:




Scent of cedar, sage, copal

smokes awakens might in I. 

Tizpapalotl Tezcatlipoca:


Recuerdos de Ipacarai                                    Yei Cozcacuauhtli Atlacahualo Macuil Calli 


Macuil Tecpatl Atlacahualo Macuil Calli


In time you will under

stand Tarasco/Purepe-

cha scars moon light.

Can you read this?


Got to go back to the conchshell and 

the pyramid in the pausivity of words.

                 Copal smoke shrapnel how ideas strike/streak: a remnant of the Nahuatlacah oral tradition

tonalpouque mexica. 

La noche triste (i.e. August 13, 1519). 

The poetry speaks for itself as it bleeds you in:



Paipai, Chiligua,

Kukapa, Cochimi,

Kumiahi, Yuma, Seri,

Chontal, Chinanteco, Pame,

Chichimeca, Otomi, Mazahua,

Matlacuinzeca, Ocuilteco, Zapoteco,

Zolteco, Chatino, Papauko, Mixteco,

Cuicateco, Triqui, Amudgo, Mazateco,

Chocho, Ixcateco, Huave, Tlapaneco,

Totonaca, Tepehua, Popoluka, Mije, Zoque,

Huasteco, Lacandon, Maya, Chol, Tzeltal, Tzotzil,

Tocolabal, Mam, Teco, Ixil, Aguacateco, Motozintleco,

Chicomulzelteco, Kalcobal, Jacalteco, Quiche, Kakchiquel,

Kekchi, Pima, Tepehuan, Tarahumara, Mayo, Yaqui, Kaita,

Opata, Cora, Huichol, Purepecha, I am crying right now you know!             


Chicuey Ocelotl Tlacaxipehualiztli Macuil Calli

          :.Vato Loco.:

Melanin a shade of the earth

and scars edged in the soul.

Suit up in black & gray that’s

All one has to hold –teardrop.

When there’s tears in the so-

cial fabric.  Kaleidoscope in

the blood of our people. Gra-

dients of heart and jade be-

queathed.  We just go to ca-

rry more –obsidian glass be-

speak of a people shard from

marble stone.  Do you know

why we wild –out and get tat

ed up.  It’s incised in the blood

a warrior priesthood as peren

nial as the seasons.  This po-

etic stream isn’t only an exer

cise in lyricism: I’m cutting u

right now.  Just like you have

to bleed to able to understand.

In the steam of the grandfather

rocks speak: languages sings/

lightning in pich dark stars sha-

tter the echoes of silence. Son-

es en un lexico de acero/colibri

grey/green hummingbird’s breath.

Tizpapalotl Tezcatlipoca that is:

what you can’t see sílex butter-

fly smoking mirrors how words

lacerate thought’s.  Ink in the 

blood flow and a vernacular of

another time images cut from a

dream in relief.  Like songs and

stories bleed in what you see da

street wars graffiti you can’t read.

In between what you see: ameri-  

co vespusio got lost and then all the tribes shard betwixt flint splinters of jade glass cuts remnants deciphered through language(s) and calendar counts extant to this precise se

cond/moment.  We breathe: Matlactli ihuan yei Quiahuitl Tlacaxipehualiztli Macuil Calli i.e. 13 rain the change in persons 5 house in time meditate and you will feel a presence/

poltergeist in the spirit matrix. Bespeak a tone of brawn willed forward too 7th generation in that Elders dreamed these words brought to light.  Clutch stones and mirror images in the visual cortex of pyramid shifts and rainbows shard from green canopy and marble corridors.  The above essence was dreamed in the reign of Pacal and Shield Jaguar c/s.


Ce Xochitl Tozoztontli Macuil Calli

Hummingbirds fight like 

thunder and lightning in the

minds I poltergeist:

                         Breeze adamantine 

magneto/sílex thoughts bleed 

–ice in the bone marrow:

                              Calendars incised 

melanin dark ixquimil

                       li scribe griot I:

Stories cut from dreams hour–

glass steeped in lore jade visuals stone.

1521 tears:

                                                                          You got to read more.

Spirit matrix scarred semblance.

Sundown auburn–crows. 

Papyrus–dreams evoke realms

talk too ghost in hierogly–

phic stelae repose: 

                            Silence shattered stones/

marble camara obscu

 –ra shades temples lore.

                                                                  Temple of the fo 

–liated cross in Uxmal jade.

Snows in the braids froze.

                          Copan shores marble

corridors hieroglyphic 

                                  staircase eyes shut gold.

Breathe flashes of a–

nother horizon(s) black/red:


                         Wolf’ howl towards star–

dust frost/ice in the eye sight.

Pich dark forest light:

                                                        Mirror images 

                                                                                                        collapse iris glare:

                                                                                                         Bonampak Temple(s).

                                Kneel force stars’ cons–

telations matted jaguars’

back –sky solar flares.  

                    Two shadows visual

cortex –lightning desert sands

memories glare sight:

                                Matlactli ihuan ome Ozomatli Tozoztontli Macuil Calli


Shower of Flowers


The bloodletting ritual(s)

its what’s in the heart

shard –obsidian glass 

scars incised in the DNA.

Outlast time –ink shatters

into light –drops of blood.

Eclipse the sun outside 

lore stands: Temple of the

Foliated Cross in Uxmal.

Lady Xoc & Shield Jaguar

abstract spiritual sight.

Perforation –blood drips

into parchment.  While

quetzal feather pen/stylist

keeps writing.  Extract dia 

–monds from the 9th ether

in Balaamcan/Palenque.

Pacal breathed repose

in these thoughts:

Long Count Date: Tzol’

–kin Date: 11

B’en Haab

Date: 11






–tlacah co–

relation its:

matlactli ihuan 

yei malinalli tozoz

tonlti macuil –calli.


“I do wopila, like every day in prayers and songs.”

Dave Swallow –Lakota Medicine Men


Wopila adj. verb. Lakota: to give with nothing sought in return.

Ceremonies bleed you in what you have –too let go.

Lightning strikes embedded in the grandfather

rocks –Tunkashila.  The poetic stream–breath/

dreams stealth in the carbon 14 frame light

and eagle feathers breeze the mien jade.

Thunder or lightning sparks in flames

ink solidified –three stripes on the

right temple scars.  Carry calen–

dars in what you breathe ice:

matlactli ihuan ce calli huey

tozoztli macuil calli or 13

house small vigil 5-casa.

You got to stand guard

in the windstorms bre

–eze Lakota songs 

bring back images

home willows/re 

–eds sing mel 

–odies of rain

bows & gold.

Lugar de 








Oxomoco: have you ever written in the dark?  It’s where thoughts spark into light.        

                 Nahuatl adj., verb, sup., infin., etc.  Read into the title as it’s the most ancient

                               Name given to the earth.  Just as the Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl 

                                          bleed volcanic stones –tecpatl and/or flint sight.  Thus all is 

                                                    breathed into existence: lightning strikes thoughts 

                                                                   or shard axis mundi.  Jagged edges cut into 

                                                                        the oral tradition stardust amidst marble 

                                                                              corridors in the script –proliferates the  

                                                                                             mien breeze.  Tlalnamictli 

                                                                                                adj.v. Pensado, 

                                                        recordado. R.


  1. 602 


                                                               Simeon.     DICCIONARIO

                                             de la lengua NAHUATL o 

                                   MEXICANA. Amidst the dark side of time    

                                           –Immaterial. These fingerprints scarred into the DNA in the

                 inipi sweat lodge ceremony incised in the heart of sky and the nine lords of the underworld/night stars struck.  In the jaguar’ feline’ stealth: papyrus/amate codex    

                 assiduously meld in bloodstream and iris streaked betwixt sight panoramic

                                      vast camara of deference collapses into retinas shine in 

                                                           between dark light and simultaneity in multiple  

                                                                                  prisms outside our space/time 

                                                                                                          continuum: its what’s 

                                                                                                                          not written 

                                                                                                                                 in this






                                                     .:Seminole Warrior.:

                                                                      ……yei cuauhtli hueytozoztli macuil calli c/s


Despedida de las Ánimas


Cracks diamond holo– 

gram spectrum rainbows dreams mirror

images shard glass….


Tonatiuh tecziztecatl       metztli matlacyei  

   Miquiztli sexta trecena                                                                      poetry speaks in–

       You can only translate                                                         words/lacerate shard

             thoughts build in con                                                  crete language.  Na– 

                huatlacah cut words                                          steeped in the bone

                    marrow/DNA cast in                                  stone pyramid corri–

                         dors hidden in the                              jade soul earth–

                             quakes keloids in                         between skin

                                   tone a shade of                   earth red sky.

                                       Decoded through dreams emerald

                                    steel shards of                   glass silex cuts.

                               Lobo Xocoyotlzin                         you breathe in– 

                            to other times of                               lore when conch

                          shell and pyramids                                thunderstorms in the

                     Tonalpohualli its: nahui                               ehecatl etzacualiztli macuil

                  calli.  In other words I am                                living proof of multiple dimen–  

             sions hidden in the genetic                                     code as silex splinters into light other epochs into these words                                       and pseudonyms hiddenin…                        



Stars Align


Bear seeds so that we

may grow strong like them: macuil

Malinalli etzacualiztli macuil calli:











Spirits talk:

Matlactli ihuan yei Xochitl Etzacualiztli Macuil Calli


In wolfs gait ambidextrous

marble/steel weight in snows

breath like stealth eyes glare.

Lightning streaked melanin 

–in jagged edged peripheral 

vision.  Sheer might how words

outlast time.  Then macuil –coatl 

serpentine dexterity and so this

gets to the edge of a sword blades

of flint incised in the bloodstream.:.


    Nahual: totemic spirit(s) in haiku


In the dream time immaterial realms

         –hawks stealth dawns in the stars dust pre

                                                           sence.  Red and black acquiescence in all creation     

                                                        stories: tells of four hero twins yayauquiTezcatlipoca,    

                                                representa el tiempo infinito y lejano.  Tlatlauhqui Tezcatli

                                         poca, rojo como la lumbre, franjas rojas en su cara.  Texouqui    

                             Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli, aparece siempre con el signo del eterno

              movimiento, Olin.  Iztac Tezcatlipoca, Moyocoyani –el que se crea, se inventa,

 se genera a sí mismo, QUETZALCOATL.  It reads thus –the black smoking mirror, re

              presents infinite time and distant.  Red smoking mirror, red as fire embers, red 

                             face paint streaks, Blue smoking mirror, blue hummingbird that ap

                                         pears as the eternal sign of movement.  White smoking mirror 

                                              –creator, inventor, generator of one’s self, Plummed 

                                                        Serpent[ine] resurgence in the mind stream electric.    

                                                                         –Tizpapalotl/obsidian butterfly quintes[     ]

                                                                                      sence: scribe to the grindstone.


Matlactli ihuan ce Coatl Tecuilhuitontli Macuil Calli

Xochipilli Centeotl 


El escribano de la sangre florida

or bleed hearth and home in the mind stream.

The flow remains constant and transparent.

Jade eyes cut deep into the immaterial:

shockwaves and metamorphasis 

–the stroke of the pen.  Bleeds steel

in the poetic mien so the title reads:

deity of flowers and sustenance 

la esencia creadora del Maiz y de los

sustentos en el Tonaltecuhtin 13 deidades.   

Just like there are spirits in the wind

you can’t see hieroglyphic stelae are

scarred into skin.  Like a blood flow of before

colonnaded marble corridors of granite you

can’t see anymore.  Obsidian mirror’s in the

jade soul breathes repose these aren’t mere

words lacerate silence beyond poetic lore:

Matlactli ihuan ce tecpatl huey tecuilhuitl

macuil calli….


                                      Heyokah Thunder Dreamers [Reel to Reel]

                      Blue lightning ini–

                      pi sweatlodge ceremony

                     16 mysteries:


© In a Sacred Manner I Live

                                            Native American Wisdom

                                                                                  Edited by Neil Philip

  1. 64


Shadows in the mien 

Sleet languages bleed

You got spirits in

Poetry extemporaneously breathes/sheathed in DNA

Lakota songs bespeak immaterial time blue lighting

refracts into shard thoughts of flint night outshine

a semblance of dawn a tone of earth and stars 

dust two braids in the locks symmetry how air

sifts night songs inipi sweatlodge 16 willow

reeds holds stars map tlahuizcalpantecutli 

swift streams of jade glass h’oka wisaca

lakota hanbleceyapi yuwipi songs light

grandfather rocks sing immemorial 

there are guides in a fluidity silex

lacerations soul perception in I/

multiplicity of dimensions in

side ceremonies edged in

the skin and  memories

of willows and rain

bows lore plains

heyoka thunder

dreamers rose

and blades of

grass peren

nial green &

Sitting Bull

recall win

ters of 





















matlactli ihuan ce ozomatli tlaxochimaco macuil calli         h

                                          Iktome Lakota spider spirit origin/

                                           guardian –weaved the earth like a

                                           web breezes the melanin of stone/

                                           steel.  Hologram in the visual cor–

                                           tex or read above oxomoco mirror

                                           images shade aura presence –ice.

                                           Wakan Tanka [Great Spirit] imma–

                                           terial essence in symmetrical exegesis:

                                           Tonacayotl el lexico esconde otra 

                                           dimension.  Like writing is a proph– 

                                           etic exercise in prayer(s) or these

                                           could have been dreamed in other

                                           dimenti9ns [Desert Sands] gleam–

                                           snow.  Notice how words connect

                                           spirits outside prose or photograph

                                           ic images in the mind stream(s) Pu

                                           repecha/Otomi sheathed in the skin

                                           tone.  Breathe lowlands and plains

                                           like we remember still pejuta waca–

                                           sa Crazy Horse these thoughts are

                                           extemporaneous read in between

                                           what you can’t see [invisibleness]

                                           9th ether.  Inipi songs/stories colap–

                                           se and glimmer into blue lightning

                                           storms in the script.  Poets are cut

                                           from another time –Immemorial .::.

                                           Shard glass in the mien bequeathed

                                           poetic lore and languages inscribed

                                           jade soul.  Bring back images marble/

                                           granite slabs shine inside these text.

                                           An multiples prisms engulf these &/

                                           or ceremony awakens other realms.

                                           Like in the 9th Xiuhpohualli Tlaxochi–

                                           maco its an offering of flowers above.

                                           Poets scar every moment in words []

                                           like there are concrete images enclo 

                                           –sed herein.  Manuscript(s) brought

                                           from nature in hieroglyphic code(s).

                                           Got to keep writing to sharpen flint

                                           acuity like these stanzas are building

                                           transparencies in time in acetate or 

                                           planes that escape time only exists 

                                           in five–sense reality.  In the Temple

                                           of the Foliated Cross in Uxmal there

                                           are marble corridors that at night(s)

                                           glare turn into jade –so these words….

So this was weaved from dr                                                        eams: lightning in the braids aura presence brings                                                      spirits together waters/

seeps into other realms acqu                                                    iescence –poetry bleed       (s) you in every breath you tak                                                 e or language extracts a

       segment of the immaterial                                                essence.  Multiple ob– 

       sidian mirrors refracts mem                                             ory eclipses everythin

  1. Right now one can viscer                                          ally feel the presence/I

       cut deep between shadows &                                       blizzards in the sembla–  

       nce.  Ceremony transposes th                                     e soul like stars shine in

       the red–shift to the origin of the                                  observable universe.  So

       the mien extrapolates infinity or                                 inextrably pinpoints to an

       infinitisible were atoms meld into                             spiritual ether.  Huehueco–  

       yotl represents the psychological                            ability to perceive intuitivel

       y forces that shape what you see o                        r Ixnextli where elders rema–

       in in physical proclivity of endurance.                   So the poetics is turning illus

       trative in what you will see at the end                 of this page –concrete imagery

       .  The visual cortex sharpens this acum            en –heart of sky/tepeyolotli tlalo

       c there are forces gathering herein outsi         de 5 sense reality.  Lightning stri

      kes in the silex glass of the cenote.  Chic       nahui ehecatl tlaxochimaco macui

      I calli breaks into   other modes of percept    ion.  In that the po   etry sheathes li

      ght from outside     the space/time continu um jade gleams sh    ard thoughts in   

      mirror images. F      luidity as spiders webs shade the iris an      d waves in sym

      metrical shifts o        ffset hummingbirds electricity in the fu         ll moons simult

      aneity is forming        in the mind stream(s) of a time & pla          ce that scapes t

      he hourglass an         d quicksands in how every breath i            s cutting you rig

      ht now.  Like opt          ics: scribe to the grindstone aint               merely lyricist: p

      oetics its what ke         eps the psycho realm enclosed                in the melanin b

      rawn/steel omni_           presence  seething.  Intuition                  strikes/streakes 

      to the heart of th              ese words shatter into ligh                    t startruck memo

      ries of Uxmal or                  BALAMCAN y TONINA                     esta brillando ah

      orita el lexico no                   se puede contenerse                        en las cuatro ez

      quinas del papel                    .  Meditate and yo                           u will see dream

      s meld into realit                        y lives herein.                              Suns are cut int

      o the iris glare so                         on keep mi                                ght clutched in e

      very letter written                          .  So it is                                   there are polterg

      eist hidden within                            what 1                                    is thinking?  Got

      to keep striking li                                ght                                      ning from the eth

      er like desert san                                                                          ds are shifting he

      re in what you ca                                                                           n’t see that’s writ

      ten.  Palm your h                                                                           ands and read th  

      is stands outside                                                                           religion one could

      only bleed this in                                                                           the hearth of inipi/

sweatlodge ceremony &                                                               16 mysteries arise of a t                                                                      

eaching engrained in th                                                                 e earth and starsdust in 

the DNA cyclones in the                                                                memories glare infinity.

Vast camara of deferenc                                                               e its what you cant see.

See the’re ghost in the mien –check the title. [] []

Sinaloa esta sangrando en lo que no vez [] [] [].

Can change the lexicon at a moments breath:

in xochitl in cuicatl in tlactipac nican axcan.

Flor y canto en las planicies  litorales del

horizonte de los cielos el aquí y ahora.

That is flower and song in the latitudes

of the skies meld with coastal plains.

Poetry only exists here in now and

melt with every word ever written.

Notice how thoughts shatter

into memories repose see

atoms scatter into less

and less.  Then read

behind how letters

carve and edge

pinpoint DNA

is a refract 










]matlactli ihuan yei mazatl Tlaxochimaco macuil calli[

So the prophetics keeps going:                                          desert sands swarm in this the

poetry is beyond lore like warp                                           s in the space/time continuum.

There are cocentric circles that                                          shade into ghost in spiritual 

matrix.  Read into another mat                                           hematics: ome itzcuintli tlaxo

chimaco macuil calli melds in xo                                        cotl huetzi or 2 rabbit falling of the fruits 5 house iniciates the 10                                       th xiuhpohualli in the tonalpohu

hualli 9th xiuhmolpilli 52 year tyin                                        g of cycles.  Since the collaps

e of 1521 la noche triste.  Pale f                                         ace & the sword and/or when dreams turn into contributors of                                          a teaching: poetry keeps alive the essence in laser vision.  Ixq                                         uimlli the dark eyed scribe with blinds that sees beyond.  Then                                           in 3114 b.c. began the Maya Long Count still extant to this p                                           recise second(s).  Freeze in careful study you will evade the                                          zeitgeist or like moons awake n a sensibility or you don’t know                                         suns cut the iris.  Glare in sha

Mans mien. Now yei atl is the ne                                        xt sequence/3 water Nahuatl evinces another type of time lap                                         se photographic imagery: this

gets to the elemental essence .:                                          .   There are films in psychic

resonance in the Cuahpohualli                                            it’s a code not just of the migr

ation of the people’s of Aztlan/                                            white swan –this it gets to the heart of the people of the Sun.                                            When you close you eyes what do you see?  Xochipetlati                                            pan  tocon ya icuilohua,  in mocuic in motlatol…A icuiliuh                                              moyollo, tlapapal xochitica tocon ya icuiloua, in mocuic, in                                            motlatol…En petate florido dejas tu pintura, tu canto, tu pal                                           abra…Se va pintando tu cora

zon, con flores de colores dejas                                           tu pintura, tu canto, tu palabr

a…In a flowered mat you leave                                            your painting, your song, you

r word…You’re heart is being  p                                           ainted, with colorful flowers you leave your painting, your so                                           ng, your word.  It took a gap of half –a millenuim to say this:                                             images of stone everpresent in the soul papalotl/butterfly skies                                         reign in what’s not heard…  Spoken word edged from a time/                                          place engrained in the visual

–cortex Xochimilca ca. 1519 open                                        the scrolls.  Tezcatlipoca is a

nother word for memory i.e. smo                                          king mirrors its what you can see in front of an obsidian/silex g                                          lass thoughts refract in the poolside eclipse of the crystalline                                          waters of the cenote Xcaret.

There is an immaterial topograph                                         y that can never be errased: poetry is a mechanism that allows                                       us to break into other dimensi     

ons simulteniety of multiple prisms.                                     The rhyme scheme is embed

ded just as these sentences are multiplication too build images with words. So language

(s) tear in the dark side of time.  Today(s) long count date stands as Tzolk

‘in date 10 ik Haab date: 0 Ch’en Lord of the Night G3.  Etymology cuts with hieroplyphi

© precision as today’s guardian is derived from K’iche/Yucatec Maya word that means: “wind”, “air”, “spirit” and heart of sky/tepeyolotli Tlaloc.  Rains on the petroglyph the car–

bon 14 frame it’s like calendars cut deep into the DNA.  Obsidian eyes shard into a pinpoint of lightning into word(s) from other realms that eclipse the suns rays 3114 light years away periods or pauses can’t hold the wait but how were these able to reach you.


Tlatoani Cuauhtemoc–

zin suns decend eagles…


Nahui Ozomatli Xocotl Huetzi Macuil Calli

Hummingbird’s stealth like dreams cuts

both ways.  When you make braids there

are teachings herein: it holds immemoria

l time & symmetry in the inipi/sweatlodge

ceremony.  You see I’m doing this for me,

for me too extricate the 9th ether [chicoa

ce acatl xocotl huetzi macuil calli] see ice.

Winds/fissures or what goes beyond num

bers and semantics.  How one lives the fu

ture in the present moment: in the Hagaku

re it states:                                                 there is surely nothing other

                                                                  than the single purpose of the 

                                                                 present moment.  A man’s who–

                                                                le life is a succession of moment 

                                                               after moment.  There will be no–

                                                              thing else to do, and nothing else 

                                                             to pursue.  Live being true to the 

                                                            single purpose of the present moment.

                    So all that’s above written 

                –mist in the jade eye’s glare

                    omnipresent and then all

                  this was already extempo

                raneously breathed by a N

                   ahuatlacah shaman and 

                   a memory of a Samurai. 


Campesino Sinaloense


The bleeding of the hearth

 and/or there’s sundown in the mien.

There are hieroglyphic codes

hidden in the iris glare –black stones.

Reflection a semblance sown

from the earth and 405 elements

& spirits in the DNA sharpen flint.

In the glint of the visual cortex

caught between scarfs too shield

a completion in a melanin: edged from

stardust and volcanic rocks sheathed.

Only got the present moment to 

hemmorrage thoughts into parchment.

Solidifying lore from Lowlands

repose to Pleiades shard from 

milky way corridors and Andromeda galaxy.

Super novea clusters lights 

retinas irridescent and jade souls..


Sinlaon Peasent 


El sangrar del aposento

y/o la caida del sol en el tez.

Hay codigos jeroglificos  

escondidos en el resplandeciente iris –piedras negras.

Reflejo en un semblante sembrado

de la tierra y los 405 elementos

& espiritus en el ADN filozo silex.

En el brillo del cortex visual

capturado entre gabardinas que cubren

al semblante en una melanina: cortada de

polvo de estrellas y piedras volcanicas escurridizas.

Solo tengo el presente momento para

la hemorragia del pensar en pergaminos.

Solidificacion del folklor el Bajio

reposa hacia las Pleyades quebradizas de

los corredores de la via lactea y galaxia Andromeda.

Super novas se acumulan luceros

de la retinas resplandecientes y almas de jade..   




Wolf’s howl in the tundra floors

in stone corridors rainbows are

shattered by macaws and deer

(s) stealthly camouflage in bet–

ween streams and jade canopy.

Songs and stories are breathing

in these words.  Have you ever

measured the sundown or felt

ice in the bones. In the hanble–

ceyapi you face the sun for fo

ur days and then snows in the

mien. Ceremony bleeds mem–

ory –streakes into lore of jade

skies and staircases–hieroglyp

hic. Mist in the cliffs and liken

in the Temples.  But you don’t 

know ghost talk too: mano ne–

gra el escribano del pensamie

nto florido.  Here lies where m

yth melts into reality: in the un–

derground corridors of Tonina,

there’s a statue of a Jaguar w

arrior that awakens. It’s only t

hat you can’t see –you have t

o bleed this. In the Mayab’ Ch

ol Q’ij measures time and the

Ajq’ijab are “keepers of days”.

One works with what one has:

an obsidian mirror that refract

s with jade souls. It’s the pen t

hat inscribes and/or it’s the wis– 

dom/zeal that carries you. Then 


in this the roots are immaterial

or its thus when lightning strik–

  1. Whirlpools in the desert sa–

nds as there are codes hidden 

in the carbon–14–frame. In a f

ew more phrases you will know

the state of your present predic–

ament: when came the unbalan–

ced cross and the black robes [ice]. 


                                                                 Stardust in the mien



                                          I gleam.


Chicnahui Cozcacuauhtli Xocotl Huetzi Macuil Calli


Matlactli ihuan yei Xochitl Xocotl Huetzi Macuil Calli


This calendar count(s) fulfills

a cycle just as these words

extricate the future in holo

gram: writing this before

the exact date has rea–

ched you. Xochitl repre

sents finality and the e

ssence of poetry itself

. There are pyramids

shifting here like in

three more pages u

will see the prese

nce in multiplicity

of dimensions/I

corridors mar

ble and gran

ite in the mi

nds aura


See lig






Ice/sleet shatters visual resonance

poets see beyond 5 levels of sup

erfluidity.  Jagged flint knifes ar

e building in the ether of the 

mind stream.  Spoken word 

extricates blue flashes of

insight of another time. 

Electricity cuts into a

heyoka thunder dre–

amers presence: 

volcanic rocks

 & incised im–

ages sheath

ed from 9th

ether fro

zen tun–

dra/I                                             Matlactli ihuan ome Quiahuitl Xocotl Huetzi Macuil Calli


Lightning streaked in the mien: thunderstorms you can’t see.

Levatation in the underground wellsprings and shores crash

into marble passages were lore standstill skies freeze frame

(s) see jade. Waves symmetrical Tulum awakens shades of

granite observatories and temples breathe winds fissures in

ice.  Green canopy melds 

into horizons that melt w/ 

oceans blue/azure trans–

parencies: a vast camara

of deference. Ku san sun 

speaks of ethereal embe

dded entities abound sky 

–shapeshift immaterial spirits that tear into

the fabric of shores that breeze these word 

–prayers.  There compressed diamonds in

how letters are extricated from a Nahuatlac

ah tonalpouhque.  Just breathe these word 

–static energy shifts with electricity to bend

the space/time continnum to this precise m

omentum. Mathematics/iI

licits the agent of memo–

ries to carry words into u

comprehend too. Poetisa

en la portada inicio esto y

que se esta desplazando–

iris extrae espiritus multipl

es dimensiones. Lightning/thunderstorms cutting in every mo–

ment here collapsed. In three more stanzas you will see the p

ast in photographic memory: Pacal & Shield Jaguar dreamed 

these words cast into the ether. Shard thoughts are cutting in

to your space/time continnum shapeshifts in what’s hidden in:


All one has is this –steel thoughts 

and suns glare. Poets bleed in what 

you can’t see. Ink stealthly breathes

or you inexorably got to sheath: words

of a Heyokah thunder dreamer. Feel 

spirits in the skin/melanin and streaked

into the sinews. In the bone marrow

shockwaves and metamorphasis or 

hail in the iris sheen. Tarasco vez 

espiritus en la retina. Hubnaku & X–

balaque. It’s like you have to know

how to die to learn how to live –too 

the previous. In this one can learn a lot

from darkness: you’ll know how to 

morph your thoughts of this by means

of your creativity. There are imprints

that are immaterial –poetry’ a scaffold

that carries you through sleet and rain.

Peripheral vision how silence weighs:

All we got is the present moment

steep and borne in pyramid

corridors and conchshell.

Effervescent images



in bet–




















Poet’s live the past

in the present moment –glass.

Falling of the fruits:



Ome Ehecatl Xocotl Huetzi Macuil Calli

Maya Long Count Date:

Tzolk’in:10 Men Haab:12 Ch’en G7

Mayab’ Chol Q’ij Ajq’ijab

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