Absens (Frauke Materlik and Stephen Crowe)

An investigative sound installation and immaterial archive in the high mountains of Western Norway (Photograph by Frauke Materlik) Absens takes place in the remote mountain regions of Western Norway and involves…

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Calling Athlone (Steve Maher)

  Calling Athlone is a relational, installation and broadcast based art project that makes use of Athlone’s (Co West-Meath, Ireland) deep connection to broadcasting both past and present. The project…

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EIDIA - Paul Lamarre, Melissa P. Wolf
The Deconsumptionists, Art As Archive 48ft semi-trailer
exterior view, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
©Lamarre Wolf 2011

The Deconsumptionists, Art as Archive  (EIDIA – aka Melissa P. Wolf and Paul Lamarre)

The Deconsumptionists, Art As Archive originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2009) and later relocated to Bushwick Brooklyn, New York (2012). During this time, three artists’ exhibitions were presented and The Deconsumptionists…

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Tricia Flanagan. Generative Textile Systems, 2015, Detail of Merino lambs-wool, knitting machine, dimensions variable, Hong Kong Wearables Lab, Photo courtesy of the artist, ©Tricia Flanagan.

Time Geography (Tricia Flanagan)

In Time Geography, the artist’s role is akin to that of a cartographer, creating tangible social objects to be read as alternative interpretations of our culture in motion. The project:…

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Riding Through Walls (Megan Smith)

  Riding Through Walls is a new research-creation project in durational performance in physical computing (a mash-up of terms drawn from fine art and computer science that express the hybrid…

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